Emily Bernardo's my name but everyone calls me Emily Bee. I love art. I make (my) art.

My work credo is: enjoy every opportunity you get in life to create something. Whether it is “your” idea or the chance to help be a part of someone else’s vision. I welcome helping, assisting, and diving into projects and more than welcome input from critics, co-conspirators, and the random passerby.

When it comes to my personal work I'm always communicating that which I have no words for. My weapons of choice are graphite, ink, charcoal or whatever my hands get a taste for. Printmaking and painting hold a special place in my heart.

With the exception of Graphic Design, the majority of the work on this site is still a work in progress. A 90% to completion work in progress. That being said I feel they are fair representations of what the final piece(s) will look like.

I hope that my work sparks a mood, an emotion, or follows one into a state of dreams or in an afterthought.

Final two-cents: Art should make one think and feel and want to explore more even if it isn't always the prettiest of pictures. I hope that when one looks long enough at the uncomfortable it stimulates the brain from a different avenue but just as welcoming as looking at something that is beautiful.

This (the written portion) is always the hard part. That being said and before I babble you away from my portfolio I hope that if nothing else you find my work interesting... even if it is just in an afterthought.